A thunderstorm has announced potentially heavy rainfall tonight with some areas in Accra already flooded.

According to the Ghana Meteorological Agency, “a thunderstorm/rain currently observed, spanning the eastern part of the country is expected to move west across the country affecting most places”.

The agency predicts the rains could last for six hours.

A downpour which lasted for about half an hour has left some parts of Accra flooded again.

Parts of the road leading to Circle from Police Headquarters have been taken over by the flood water.

The roads just in front of the Nima police station are worst hit. Many cars, especially taxis have had to park for fear of being whisked away by the flood as was the case on June 3 tragic flooding.

The two major drains at Alajo and Nima are full and are both running into the Odaw river at Circle.

Areas within Darkuman and Kwasieman, suburbs in Accra are battling with heavy downpour. At Adabraka, a site of a painful reminder of flooding disaster on June 3, gutters are already overflowing after rains pushed out garbage.

Earlier, strong winds uprooted a huge billboard on the Graphic road which fell on the streets.

An accident has also been reported on the motorway as poor visibility hampered a driver. No fatalities have been recorded.

In the Volta regional town, Hohoe, gutters and streets have been flooded in a downpour lasting about an hour. In the Eastern regional town Suhum, rains disrupted the launch of the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) Agenda 50/50 campaign.

The terror of floods still remain fresh in the minds of many in Accra after an explosion at a fuel station during the downpour left 152 dead.

Many are still homeless since the June 3 disaster.

Source: Joy Online

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