Accra Hearts of Oak head coach, Herbert Addo is exuding nonchalance in the face of hapless result pattern and peaking fans’ agitation that he resigns from his post.

The Phobians are in a shocking conundrum in the premier league lying 12th on the log with 26 points. They’ve lost seven matches,won six and drawn eight games.

Even their rivals and haters wouldn’t have predicted such event when the club’s Board lavishly outdoor their technical team prior to start of the season. The experienced Addo says he only cares about working and nothing else despite the malaise in the team.

“Am doing my job. Nobody has told me anything outside of my job. Am a technical man,I have my technical team we do what we should do,it’s unfortunate the results were not coming.

“Football is like that,sometimes you create all the chances in the world you will not get one and then last minute your opponent come and score a goal. Anything can happen in football so the only thing is you have to be persevering,you have to be concentrative and you have to keep pushing” he told

Addo also asserted that the traditional expectations for clubs like Hearts and Kotoko to override other clubs are not realistic now because the trend is changing in domestic football.

He said “We are not winning as we should so are a lot of clubs and some of them are winning. People in Ghana they expect Kotoko and Hearts to always be winning and the rest of the teams to always be losing but it is not like that today.

“Everybody is striving to make a name so is very difficult and especially when a team is playing Hearts they will do everything to beat Hearts because it’s history. If we beat the other teams is no history so that is what is happening. Everybody is very aggressive,everybody wants to go forward”.

The quality of players under the tutelage of Addo have been constantly questioned much as their commitment to the Phobian course with the recent leaked tape taking such belief to it crescendo. Addo overlooked that opinion and rather projects into the future reckoning his team would be unparalleled if they are kept together because they are gathering valuable experiences.

“The quality (of the players) they are very young boys, some of them have never played in the premier division before,some are from second division,first division and colts so we working them to come up. By next year or two years time if we keep this team no team in Ghana can match us because we would have had the experience.

“Look what happened in Africa,we did something which nobody expected. We played eight matches which is experience so if we are able to go to Africa next year we’ve got this experience behind us and we only can go forward so we are honored. They are young team and they are striving to go forward and we are helping them to go forward”.

Now take the premier league aside and you see an impressive Hearts of Oak in the cup competitions. Grand finale is beckoning them if they beat Medeama SC on Sunday at Cape Coast in their semi final clash and they will be left with the final victory to make the Confederations Cup slot again.

Meanwhile,the Phobians are gradually on course in the Elite Cup as well. Coach Addo intimates that he’s pursuing every trophy as best as he could.

“Am taking a shot. I don’t have any choice,I don’t have any choice. The only thing is if I have a little luck especially in the league and we go forward. Already we have one cup which is a further in our cup and there are three more cups. If I can get one or two more it will be great so we are working towards it”.

With all said and done Herbert Addo says he does not fear the sack and he will resign if he becomes dissatisfied with his work.

“Every coach’s job is at stake in Ghana. So me I don’t have any problem I don’t have any fears,am working. If you think my work is not good enough and you want to sack me I’ll go. If I think am not happy with my work I’ll also go,is two ways. As for the job is a job which we’ve took so we take whatever comes”.

Source: Ghana Web

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