A mindboggling disclosure surrounding the dubious and illegal payment of 51 million cedis in judgment debt to businessman Alfred Woyome is set to headline major bulletins in the coming days.

As a result of a diligent research by legal practitioner Samson Lardy Ayenini, it is coming to light that the laws of the country were bastardised, more than previously thought, by state officials who paid the scandalous judgement debt.

Between 2010 and 2011 Alfred Woyome was paid 51 million cedis by the state for wrongful termination of a contract in the construction of four stadia for the African Cup of Nations in 2008. The Supreme Court has since ruled that the judgement was obtained fraudulently.

The businessman has been ordered to pay back the money but escaped by the skin of the teeth, an attempt by the state to get him incarcerated.

According to the law, a judgement debt cannot be paid unless a warrant known as a Certificate of Judgement is issued authorising government to pay the money.

But Samason has found out that without a certificate severed on the government, at least three state institutions including the Ministry of Finance and the Accountant-General’s Department, went ahead to coordinate the payment of the illegal monies in an astonishing disregard for a basic requirement.

Samson tells myjoyonline.com there were many things wrong with the procedures adopted by the state and officials’ complacency in paying the money.

In a Search Application filed at the High Court Commercial Division on July 7, 2015, Samson asked the court to provide answers to seven begging questions:

“Whether or not a Certificate of Judgement was issued in compliance with Section 15 of the State Proceedings Act (1998) Act 555 for service on the Defendant in respect of the amount of GHC17, 094,495.53 as ordered by the Trial Judge?”

Also, “Whether there is any order by a Pre-Trial Judge for the payment of any other sum of money to the Plaintiff apart from the order for payment of the GHC17,094,495.53 conditionally? (i) If yes, on what date and by which High Court Judge?”

The legal practitioner also wants to know, “Whether a certificate of judgement was issued for the payment of the balance of GHC 34,188,987.06? (i) if yes, on what date?”

Samson Lardy Ayenini who is the host of Newsfile, Joy FM’s news analysis, based on his personal research believes all his questions would be answered in negative.

The court contests that the need for Certificate of Jugdement was flagrantly disregarded by former ministers of state in paying the money to Woyome.

The court also asserted that there is no available information to suggest that Alfred Agbesi Woyome paid tax on the judgement debt as required by law.

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