The Buem Traditional Council Friday expressed dismay at the resurgence of waves of political propelled vilification and vendetta in the area.

Nana Opraw Akuamoah VIII, Nifahene of Buem and acting President of the Buem Traditional Council, at a Press Briefing at Jasikan attended by hosts of chiefs and queens from the area, said such actions were potential threats to peace in the area and therefore would not be tolerated.

The media briefing was in response to series of news items in the Ghanaian media imputing theft and mismanagement to Daniel Kwasi Asiamah, Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, when he worked as link person for an American NGO which operated in the area.

Nana Akuamoah recalled actions in the same vein, spiritedly carried out against the late Ford Kamel, a former Volta Regional Minister and MP for the area during the processes to choose a Parliamentary Candidate for Buem in 2012.

He said the chiefs, disturbed by the resurgence of such campaigns called a meeting “open to all” to seek clarifications from all parties and that there was no tension in Buem as some of the headlines said.

“We have listened to our MP….Daniel Kwasi Asiamah and we are satisfied with his responses to the allegations made against him.

“Indeed our Paramount Queen Mother Nana Appewbea II in the full glare of all present denied having authoured one of the letters” splashed in the media, Nana Akuamoah stated.

He added that the Queen stated “categorically that her signature and letterhead used were scanned from her previous letters.”

Nana Akuamoah warned the “faceless persons who have made it their duty to cause fear and panic in Bueman by these publications to put a stop to these fallacious stories”.

“Let us warn them that, henceforth, any of such faceless persons, when found trying to cause fear and panic within Beum in order to satisfy a few misguided people, will incur the wrath of Nananom, who want peace in Bueman,” Nana Akuamoah stated.

Mr Asiamah immediately after the chief spoke also mounted the rostrum to read a six-page statement denying the accusations of micro-fund misappropriation, missing vehicles, appropriation of 100,000 US dollrs car clearing fees, fraudulent land deed processing, and causing deforestation among others.

He said the present somewhat sour relations with Dr John David Arnold, who was Chief Executive of the NGO, PPEP, might be fuel for his detractors, twisting and adjusting facts to suit their clandestine motives.

Mr Asiamah said he had worked with the said Dr Anold, who was introduced to him by Nana Otimpong Otibiribi III, on some developed projects and fell out with him over issues of moral turpitude and that transactions were well documented and referable, discounting all accusations as frivolous.

Source: Ghana Web

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