Sepp Blatter may be exiled from football but the former FIFA president says his phone hasn’t stopped ringing since he was deposed as the leader of the game’s global governing body.

“When I look at which leaders are directly in contact (with me) … people like China, like Russia, like South Africa, like Japan … also European leaders,” Blatter, who is currently serving a six-year ban from football, told CNN’s Alex Thomas.

“I also have contact with presidents of associations in Africa,” added Blatter. “They still ask me now, they say ‘president, now you have to speak. We are all waiting. We are all waiting for your messages. Bring us messages now, President.'”

“I say: ‘Just a little while. I will come back.'”

Blatter was removed from his position at FIFA late last year as the organization was engulfed in accusations of bribery and corruption.

Source: CNN

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