The proposed November 7 date for the 2016 general election is in danger as the Electoral Commission (EC) drags its feet in sending the instrument to Parliament.

Vice Chairman of Parliament’s Subsidiary Legislation Committee, Kofi Osei Ameyaw, has disclosed to Joynews the delay is likely to affect the elections.

“We are supposed to approve the November date for the EC, otherwise, the December date still stands,” he said.

The EC is expected to send to the nation’s legislature an instrument for the amendment of Constitution Instrument (C.I) 75 to regulate the November polls.

But the Member of Parliament for the Asuogyaman Constituency has said the original date of December 7 will remain if the EC does not act swiftly.

“The EC is supposed to within twenty-one days submit the proposed voting regulations. I believe we are in July we need to complete the registration,” he said.

According to him, the EC will be able to move on with the voting when it conducts its exhibition exercise and cleared all the impediments on the way of the general elections especially the issue of the electoral roll.

On the Voters’ register, Mr Ameyaw said: “The Supreme Court has given the order that those whose names must be removed must be given the opportunity to re-register and therefore if you look at CI 91 there are forms that one has to complete.”

The form, he said may require one person to fill it for at least five people.

“If previously you used the NHIS card and today you don’t have any form of identification as Ghanaian, all you have is somebody to fill the form and then present it to the body that is determining,” he added.

He disclosed if the Commission failed to rid the register of those undesirable names, the superior court has to take over activities of the EC.

“As Atuguba said the SC has to constitute itself into an Electoral Commission because they cannot fathom what the EC is doing,” he said.

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