About six acres of crop farms have been destroyed by armyworm infestation which hit some communities in the Akatsi North district of the Volta region.



The pest invasion which was first detected on a maize farm in the Sanyi- Fiave community earlier in the week, fast spread into other farms in the Ave-Xevi and Atiglime communities, within 24 hours.

It has, however, been brought under control through the timely intervention of the district assembly and the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), who went to spray the affected farms, in order to curb further spread of the worms in the area.

Mr. James Gunu, District Chief Executive for Akatsi North told Starr News, an alert message has also been sent through the assembly members to all farmers in the area to be on the lookout and report any such invasion by the worms.

“A farmer first detected the armyworm invasion and within a space of 24 hours, it has about 6 acres of maize and cassava farms. So the assembly with support from NADMO quickly mobilized some logics and chemicals to go and spray the affected farms.

“This is the first time, we are experiencing this invasion in our district, and so I have tasked all assembly members to take the information to farmers in their respective areas for them to be on a lookout and report any such cases for early action to be taken,” Mr. Gunu said.

He, however, noted the assembly will give support to the farmers whose crops have already been destroyed, revamp their farming activities.

Source: StarrFM

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