The Saboba District Chief Executive Adolf Ali has revealed intentions to dissolve the district Water Board after reports of acute water crises emerged in the area.

Residents told Starr News that water supply had been cut off for more than six months without an explanation resulting in the closure of mini businesses.

The situation forced many residents to walk long distances to struggle with animals for water from polluted dams and ponds, deepening concerns of epidemic outbreak. Health facilities, schools and homes of police personnel were hard hit by crises.

The development was said to have been caused by a technical fault which had affected waterworks but the DCE dismissed the claim and explained that it was failure of the district water management body to pay it electricity bills.

“There is no problem with the water system in Saboba, the reason for which water doesn’t flow in Saboba is that Water Board is unable to pay the electricity bill to VRA…It is not that there is any fault with our water system, as we sit now if money is paid to VRA as far as water issue is concern, I can tell you the next minute they will reconnect it- water will flow.

Mr. Adolf said the electricity company cut off supply to the water system after the Water Board failed to pay up a huge outstanding debt.

He slammed members of the Board after accusing them of “mismanagement”; and vowed to recommend the dissolution of the Board for a new setup.

“In effect, it is the inability of the Board to pay money that the consumer have paid to them to the VRA that is accounting to this problem and so we have summoned the Water Board to an emergency meeting and having followed their story, for us we are of the view that even if it means to dissolve the board and form a new board that would manage the Saboba water system effectively, we will do it”.

Source: StarrFM

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