Acting General Manager of Hearts of Oak Vincent Sowah Odotei has revealed his outfit pays an average of $300 to players at the Club.

According to the NPP Parliamentary candidate for the Dade Kotopong, the highest paid player at the Club receives $500 monthly salary equivalent to GHC2000 whilst the lowest receive $300 which is equivalent to GHC 1,200.

Several football fans have expressed consents about the massive player exodus in the country blaming the situation to the low remuneration received by the players.

Odotei in an interview with Asempa FM says the Rainbow Club pays their players decent salaries.

“The only way we can let the players stay in the league is, we have to look at the whole football infrastructure from the GFA, from the way we put out our policies, how clubs will be managed because we are in a competitive world.

“In Hearts of Oak the highest paid player takes home a monthly salary of $500 and the average player in Hearts of Oak takes about $300 a month. We will get there but it will take some time.”

This could see Hearts as one of the few Clubs to pay their players such decent salaries.

Source: Ghana Sports

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