The confession of a 24-year-old prostitute has left male residents of Kumasi wondering how many persons may have died as result of soliciting her services to satisfy their unbridled sexual libido in the past.

Millicent Ohenewaa, who started practicing prostitution at age 16, has revealed that any man who engages in sex with her dies afterwards and believes dozens of men may have died as a result.

Giving the chilly confessions to Samuel Mprah of Bryt Fm, she said the slow pace of her business compelled her to seek for spiritual backup from a Mallam only identified as Aminu who resides at Sofoline, a suburb of the Kumasi Metropolis.

According to her, resorting to the spiritualist was aimed at boosting her business like her colleagues whose clients were running into dozens.

The spiritualist she revealed gave her a substance and directed she should insert it into her private part before setting off for her usual prostitution joint to solicit for clients.

Millicent Ohenewaa was told the substance was meant to lure customers especially patrons of prostitutes within the garden city.

“My encounter with the Mallam Aminu brought a great pay rise in my business. I started making a whopping amount of eight hundred Ghana cedis (Gh?800.00) and above per night; an amount it took a whole month to get in time past.

“Life became beautiful and tranquil for me without any troubles until two years after I started noticing some unusual things about my life and the life of my customers”, she disclosed

She stated that she was confronted by an unknown preacher of the gospel who told her that the devil has placed something in her that is meant for the destruction of men, but she disregarded what was told her.

“I ignored his prophecies because I felt he could be one of those false prophets. I believe there might be a snake inside my womanhood now because of the unusual feeling of movements I have been experiencing some months no”, she added.

She divulged that, she began to notice that the men she sleeps with die three days later indicating that about five of such deaths have so far been recorded.

“I am really not okay with my current state of being because men keep proposing to even outside my business schedules. I am tired of men dying in my hands”, she expressed worry.

Asked what she is doing about her current situation, she appealed to powerful religious leaders within the city to deliver her of her present state adding that she feels very shameful to disclose this to people.

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