Three members of the Ghana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) received their certificates of participation at an Outreach Workshop organised by the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) in collaboration with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in athlete career development to support elite athletes aged 6 years and older.

The workshop aims at providing the following:

  1. A balance in sports and education for younger athlete s with a focus on how they can take up dual careers.
  2. Allow athletes in the middle of their active careers build their game plan for success for life where they can start to learn how to network to provide enhanced success when they are ready to transition.
  3. Helps athletes nearing or around their transition from sport have a more in-depth focus on the tools and processes of transition.

The workshop seeks to educate and ensure that Athletes are enlightened about the many career opportunities they can take up after their careers in sports so they do not become financially unstable in the years that follow after they retire from active sports.

The programme also included education on how athletes who combined school with sports could manage their time table so that they can make the most of the two.

CV writing and key points to note when going for an interview for work were also taught at the workshop .

The knowledge acquired from this workshop will go a long way to help players and staff of Ghana Rugby in the sense that the three nominees will be ambassadors educating players on time management and how they can easily Identify other potential jobs they can do after their playing days.

The three Ghana Rugby delegates, Clement Dennis (Technical Director of the CentWest Regional Association), Rafatu Inusha (Director of the Greater Accra Regional Association representing female Rugby in Ghana) and Emmanuel Kalos (national player and member of the GRFU Secretariat) were nominated by the President of Ghana Rugby, Mr Herbert Mensah.

According to Mensah the aspect of training and education is high on his administration’s agenda and he believes that the delegates will be able to transfer the knowledge they gained at the IOC workshop to the rest of the Rugby family in Ghana.

Rafatu Inusah said that the workshop was very educative in the sense that it help athletes to be able to balance sport, education and a career.

“This workshop seeks to educate athletes to not only focus on the sport he or she is doing but to also pay attention to his or her career as well in order not to be “useless” during and after retirement from sport.”

She continued to say the focus is also on how athletes plan and strategise between their sports and career. Topics like networking, interviews, CV writing and knowing oneself were taught .

Source: Modern Ghana

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