The management of Inesfly Africa has urged farmers to protect their crops with its range of agricultural products.

Inesfly Africa’s agricultural products protect Crop plants and Animals against Insect pests in all type of farming

Inesfly has developed a wide portfolio of products with innovative technology and persistent efficacy due to the effect of slow release of insecticides and protection against degrading agents such as light and humidity.

Inesfly encourages less use of insecticides hence their long efficacy is between 6 to 12 weeks reduces repeated applications and saves farmers high labor costs.

These crop protection protocols are as follows:

Inespalm -Water based biopolymer coating formulated for use in controlling insect pests such as oil palm leaf miner and red palm weevil in oil palm as well as other insect pests on coconut trees and ornamentals.

Inesfly EM House Phyto -Water based biopolymer coating that can be used to control insect pests on fruits and vegetables.

Inesfly SP Phyto- Helps achieve the ultimate long-term protection against insect pests on tree crops.

The company employs the use of Microencapsulation Technology in manufacturing its range of products in Agriculture, Public Health and Hospitality.

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