There are many features on the Android phone that manufacturers intentionally hid from users and will take you a lot of time to find, the reason why they call it a smartphone right?

Well! with time and fidgeting, we found 10 hidden features on your Android phones you probably don’t know and wish to share with you.

1. Hidden Games

You might not know this but all Smart Phones with Android have hidden games you can entertain yourself with and this is not from a third party. To access it, go to SETTINGS, then to About the device and then click a few times very quickly on Version of Android, then a stylized Android head will appear, if you click on it a few more times at a fast pace and then hold it a little, the mini game will open. The game is so graphical and nice you might get addicted.

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2. Finding Lost Phones

When you get your Android phone stolen or lost, there’s an easy way of finding it without any third party app. The feature is on your Android phone but unfortunately, it is carefully hidden from users. To activate the feature, go to Settings, then Security, then click on Device Administrator, in the remote control Android section, press Turn On. Now your device can be controlled using a Google link, which is android/devicemanager and this will give you access to a website where you can erase all data, change the screen lock or lock the screen.

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3. Encrypting Your Phone Data

Although you can locate, erase and block your phone as we stated above, if you don’t encrypt it, people who are good with Android devices can get access to your data before you can do anything to them. To do encrypt the data on your phone, go to Safety and click on Encrypt Device, you can do the same for a memory card.

4. Stopping Push Notifications

Sometimes you get annoying notifications from games and other apps that keep interrupting whatever you’re doing. The reason why you still have those annoying push notifications on your phone is because you don’t know where to put it off or how to do it. To turn them off, go to Settings, Application Manager and find the particular game or app that’s giving you all the push notifications, tap on it and you will see “Show Notifications”, uncheck it.

5. Controlling Your Data Traffic

To control your data consumption, you can assign limits. To do this, go to Settings, data usage, put a check on “set mobile data limit” and it will limit your mobile data usage. Many of you might have come across it but don’t really know its use. Now you have it.

6. Safe Mode On Android

Safe mode on Android is another feature you will love to know. This is because it disables all third party applications and you can remove them in a more secure manner if they are not compatible with your device. To activate safe mode on Android, press the power button, then tap and hold power off and confirm restarting in Safe Mode. After starting in Safe Mode, the icons of suspicious applications will appear in grey in which case they can be safely removed.

7. Finding Applications Slowing Down Your Smart Phone

Most Android users complain about their device running slow and this because they download a lot of apps they don’t even need and all these apps run on memory and can cause your phone to run slow. You can decide to uninstall apps you don’t need to make your phone run faster, but if you need the app but not using it frequently, you can find them and reduce their running processes. To do this, you need to get into developer mode and to get to the developer mode, go to settings, then to about device and then click repeatedly on the build number, a message will alert you that you’re in developer mode. Now go back into the developer parameters and go to running services, open it and you can figure out which programme is consuming the most RAM and you can turn it off if necessary.

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8. Automatically Closing Applications You Don’t Need

Some applications run in the background even after you’re done using them. There is, however, a way of making the apps shut down automatically. To do that, you need to be in developer mode. In the developer mode, at the bottom of the list, there is an option that says, “Do not save operations”, check it and that’s it.  You should do this if your phone is extremely slow, there’s no need if your phone is fast.

9. Turning Off Animation Windows

If you wish to turn off your animation window to speed up your phone, you need to do it in developer mode. There are three menu items, window animation scale, transition animation scale and animator duration scale, you disable all these items and your phone will run as fast as you ever wished.

10. Video Screen Shot

You probably never knew this but you can actually video a screen shot instead of just a picture. Especially on the new Android Marshmallow, the screen shot option is on the drag down menu on the main screen. If you want to screen shot something on your phone, you usually tap once and that will give you a picture but if you need a video, you need to double tap it and it will start recording and you can see the timer at the top left corner of the phone. If you wish to stop it, just tap on the icon and it will stop.

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