Our attention has been drawn to a publication on GhanaWeb with image of thugs dated 17th December, 2016 and aired by Radio Gold 90.5 in Accra indicating that NPP members attacked and ransacked the Ghana Embassy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The sad story was attributed to not mere person but the Ghana’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, His Excellency Alhaji Said Sinare who also doubles as the national vice chairman of the NDC.
The sad story is not only malicious and denigrating but a huge setback to the Ghana-Saudi diplomatic protocols.

We the executives of the Middle East branch of the NPP would like to state emphatically without equivocation that the story is not only in the public to misguide and brand the NPP worldwide as violent but also a dent on the national security of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The following points will help expose the diabolical machination of that incompetent Ambassador who couldn’t even rescue Ghanaian ladies who are being maltreated by their employers in the country;

1. Anybody having a fair knowledge of the Arab world, will appreciate the fact that the background of the image is not and never the landscape of Riyadh the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2. In the Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia in particular, common street demonstration is strictly prohibited by law and even the locals are no exception.

3. Why was the incident not reported to the police or authorities? No violent activities can be hidden from the security of this country and we even believe that this man would be very much enthused to report to the police if it were true.

3. If such event happened how come the international press didn’t report on that?

We believe that our ambassador might have stolen from the coffers of the embassy and deliberately crying foul to cover his tracks. This is evident because this kind of story is what is commonly described as Cock and Bull.

After failing to be of any help and support for us in the Gulf, he is rather branding the good people of Ghana in Saudi Arabia as hooligans. We only believe that he is ashamed of the loss of his job and afraid of what scandal may unravel.

We want the whole world and Ghanaians in particular to know that the publication is not true and it might be a calculated attempt to cover up his incompetence and spendthrift life style as an ambassador.

We therefore entreat the general public to disregard the said publication because it is practically impossible to do such things in the Arab world and walk with impunity.

Thank you.


Isaac Osae


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