Government will absorb the costs of treatment of the burn victims of the La gas explosion which occurred on Thursday December 22, killing six and injuring 36, Minister of Health Alex Segbefia has disclosed.

Visiting the La General, Police and 37 Military hospitals where some of the victims were receiving treatment, Mr Segbefia commended medical officers for their professionalism in caring for the victims.

“The president has indicated clearly that all the costs of the burn victims from this incident will be covered by the state, so we’ve made it clear to the management and the Brigadier General-in-charge, the commandant, that they should quickly put together all the logistics and costs of caring for these patients. As you know with burn victims, there is the need to constantly wash, constantly change dressing, and put them on antibiotics and very strong pain killers, so there is for each patient a cost. You have to bring in extra staff to actually deal with it and this has been done in a very military-type fashion in this hospital,” he stated.

The cause of the explosion is yet unknown as the police and the Ghana National Fire Service are yet to announce the official cause of the fire. Investigations continue.

Source: ClassFM

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