Concept cars are only getting crazier.

Automakers use concept cars as a way to showcase their vision for future production models. Sometimes, the cars are tame, though innovative, offering a realistic example of features to come. But more often than not, car makers pack concept cars with features you’ll probably never see — at least not within the next decade. Either way, concept cars offer a fun way to look at automakers’ more creative side. Scroll down for the ones we’ve seen so far:

Fiat Chrysler unveiled a concept car geared for high-tech millennials at CES this year. The car isn’t all that eye-catching purely from an aesthetic perspective. It’s large, boxy, and heavy looking…

…But the car is really meant to showcase the tech millennials are looking for inside a car, FCA said. It’s electric with 250 miles of range and gets just over 50% of its charge back in under 20 minutes with a DC Fast Charger.

It also comes with lidar and sensors to handle Level 3 autonomous driving, meaning it can handle urban environments, but still requires human oversight.

As for an even crazier concept car, Rinspeed showed off its Oasis car at CES. The vehicle has an actual garden, complete with Bonsai trees and radishes.


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