In every relationship, the foundation of passion and intimacy begins with a kiss

Therefore, if at the first encounter, your partner realises you have any of these problems, then a perfect kiss will be ruined.

1. Dentures (False Teeth)

If you probably had an accident and lost your teeth and had to depend on dentures, it is important to let your crush or your partner know before anything and not to wait till it is time to kiss and it comes off.

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2. Disorganized Teeth

There is nothing that can ruin a kiss than disorganised teeth. Just when you are about to kiss him or her, you realise one tooth is at the left, one is on the right and there are so many others haphazardly arranged in the mouth. Boy!! It will put you off one time.

3. Bad Breath

Even before such a person will make an attempt, no matter how desperate you want to kiss them, you will change your mind. It is one killer of moods.

4. Saliva

When the person you’re kissing decides to download all their saliva into yours, nobody will tell you to end it right away. It’s a kiss, not a swimming contest.

5. Tooth Decay

There are two things that will happen here, one, there is the probability of you having bad breath and two, while kissing, you’re likely to feel the pain and stop abruptly, moment ruined.

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6. Booger

We doubt anybody can go ahead to kiss someone who has booger visibly in their nose. That is nasty.

7. Chapped Lips

When the lips are cracked and very dry, it becomes less attractive and this will deter anybody from kissing you.

8. A Fart

You could be having a perfect kiss and a fart can ruin it all.

9. Stained Teeth

The colour of your teeth can tell the other party whether to go ahead with it or not.

10. Big Mouth

You don’t want the person kissing both your nose and mouth together, do you?

Are you serious right now?

11. An Overly Small Mouth

This can be discouraging, especially when you have to struggle to get to the lips of the person.

12. Long Nose

When both partners have long noses, it makes kissing difficult since it gets in the way.

13. Hyperdontia (3si bo Glass)

In Ghana, we have a lot of names for this. Some call it, “esi bo glass”, others call it, “si gaw’” and the official name for everybody is protruding teeth and that is something that can easily make one lose interest in kissing you no matter how much they are attracted to you.

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14. Your Partner

When you’re kissing someone other than your partner and they walk in on you two, the kiss will be ruined for sure.

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