There are countries that will be affected with the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump inauguration.Many countries were wondering what Trump’s administration has in store for them.

Majority of the people are anxious over what the new president would do. There are speculations over the things the new president would do upon being sworn in.

They are unsure of him keeping to his promises; while many will accept and welcome him as the president of the United States, there are a few leaders that dread what this inauguration would birth for them.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Donald Trump seem to have common interests. While Trump wants Japan to strengthen its military capacity and accept responsibility for its own security, Abe wants the same too.

The latter wants a strong relationship with Putin’s Russia which is considered to be an important source of energy for Japan.

Abe has high hopes of striking a deal with Moscow to gain control of islands lost to the Soviets after World War II. If by chance Trump is able to tighten bonds with China, Japan will be caught in a fix.

With Trump’s victory, voters may choose the far-right national front in the coming elections. Marine Le Pen has promised to start a bid to lead France out of the EU if elected president.

Le Pen’s opponents are skeptical as they are unsure of what Trump’s position may be; if he backs her up, that will be a great drive for her. They are also bothered that Trump may ignore them if Russia decides to boost her candidacy through some sort of mischief.

Trump’s election was marked by Chancellor Angela Merkel with an offer of cooperation that involves freedom and democracy. Germany looks forward to working with Trump if only he keeps campaign promises to treat Muslims and Mexicans with contempt.

It should be known that Merkel led the European condemnation of Putin’s intervention in Ukraine. He also fought for the effort to impose and extend sanctions in Russia.

If Trump embraces Russia’s strongman it will undermine Merkel and empower those in Europe. Those in Europe have a different view about punishing Russia as they think it could be self destructing.

The Baltic states
The inauguration of Donald Trump as the next US president has made the Baltic states anxious. Vladimir Putin has justified his right in protecting the ethnic Russians that live within the border. The percentages of Russians in Latvia and Estonia are higher than those found in Ukraine.

With Trump willing to have a new arrangement with the Kremlin, Latvia and Estonia are kept on the edge. Latvia and Estonia are ready to wall up along their respective borders with Russia. Setting some sort of protection at the borders will make it hard for Russian soldiers to misbehave.

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