Management of Budget Cash and Carry, the company which is the sole importer of energy beverage, Blue Jeans has as a matter of urgency withdrawn from the market its 250ml Blue Jeans energy drink purported to be sub-standard in a video that has gone viral.

It again called on all their distributors to return the products to their warehouses with immediate effect per the directive of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

The decision also came as a result of the video suggesting that the product is sub-standard and could be poisonous, thus the importers intended to deceive the Ghanaian consumer and harm society.

Speaking at a press conference held at Holiday Inn on January 23, the Head of Legal Department of Budget Cash and Carry, Lawyer George Eshun reiterated that Budget Cash and Carry has no intention whatsoever to import and distribute inferior products and place their renowned brand on it.

In explaining the long standing relationship existing between their customers and them as corporate institution spanning over twenty years, he said they could not meet their deadline for the Christmas in view of delays in getting lithographically labeled Blue Jeans cans with those features.

In view of this management decided to have the beverage packaged in other cans produced by the same manufacturer of Blue Jeans energy drink and to have a form of secondary labeling bearing their features and details, thus the wrap around sticker labels shown in the video.

Lawyer George Eshun without any hesitation submitted that the whole problem was just a production challenge regarding the supply of special cans 250ml with features. However, the content of the cans is Blue Jeans energy drink which is very safe and of good quality.

“In view of public anxiety and the general good of the business environment we will comply with the directive of FDA in all investigations it may further wish to conduct”, he stated.

Source: GhanaWeb

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