President Akufo Addo has announced an eighty (80) million dollars Swiss Corporation Strategy for Ghana aimed at supporting and enhancing the competitiveness of Ghanaian enterprises and the diversification of the Ghanaian economy.

Addressing a joint press conference after holding talks with the visiting Swiss President Doris Leuthard, he said the support is a welcome news for the country and everything would be done to make sure that the country reaps full benefits from it.

Other Agreements between Ghana and Switzerland

As part of the discussions held the president stated that the two countries have agreed to collaborate to uphold international peace and security. He observed that the threat of terrorism is a concern to all countries and Ghana is pleased to cooperate with Switzerland in that regard.

Fundamental Human Rights

According to the Commander-in-chief of the Ghana Armed Forces, the enforcement of the fundamental human rights of the peoples of Ghana and Switzerland is extremely vital, thus the two countries have agreed to work within the dictates of the UN human rights counsel to uphold the rights of citizens in both countries.

UN Security Council Positions

Also the Swiss President and Akufo Addo agreed to support persons from the two countries vying for positions on the UN Security Council. This, the two Presidents believe would go a long way to protect the interest of the two countries on the Security Council. The two leaders also agreed to propose Reforms on the Current structure and composition of the Council to favour Africa.

Terrorism on the African Continent

Switzerland, according to the Ghanaian leader, has agreed to support the African Union (AU) to deal with the crisis in Lybia, Mali and other states of the Sahara that are affected by terrorism.

The issues of migration and mobility from Africa to Europe by peoples of the African Continent is to be dealt with by providing economic opportunities in Ghana and other African countries. The leaders are hopeful that this agreement will go a long way to address the migration challenge in Europe.

The two countries also decided to cooperate to develop safer and legal means of migration by Africans to European destinations.

MoU on Cocoa Production

The two countries also signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MoU) to boost cocoa production in Ghana and to add value to the commodity. This agreement, Akufo-Addo said will boost the production of cocoa in the country and also add value to it.

ICC Upcoming Election

Discussion were held between the leaders for Swiss support for the candidature of Professor Henrietta Mensah Bonus for election to the International Criminal Court (ICC) ahead of the elections to be held in December 2017. Switzerland has agreed to support the candidature of the renowned Ghanaian jurist.⁠⁠⁠⁠


Source: Dailyguideafrica


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