If you have a Windows computer which is connected to the internet, then you may be one of the millions of people with a hidden virus on your computer, leaving your personal data vulnerable to hackers and snoopers.

Computer owners are being urged by security experts to setup protection which can detect the latest online threats in real-time. Cyber criminals are getting smarter so its vitally important to use protection which uses a real-time database.

A virus could be silently embedded on your computer without you knowing, put there by cyber criminals who can monitor your every move online, such as web cam, passwords and your Internet Banking details.

In a recent study an astonishing 31.98% of computers were infected by some form of malware virus. 76.56% of these infections were by Trojans, 8% by viruses, 6.44% by worms, 5.72% by adware and spyware.

ScanGuard are calling it “A Must Have For Internet Users”

As part of a special promotion, innovative new security software provider Scanguard™, have offered their latest virus protection for free and the product has gone viral in just a few hours.

If you have a computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the internet, then you may be at risk of your private information being collected when you’re online shopping or Internet banking. Even just browsing the web is a risk, as hackers can monitor your email, and keystrokes to obtain logins and passwords.

Scanguard™ will scan your computer for the latest threats in real-time and eliminate any Viruses, Adware, and Malware which may be silently dormant on your computer ready to bombard you with advertising, slow down your computer, or even, steal your personal information like credit card data when shopping online or Internet banking.

One user we spoke to said; “I had my card details stolen twice and I had no idea how it kept happening. A friend recommended Scanguard to check my computer for spyware. It found 3 threats which it removed. Been fine ever since.”

Another factor which helped ScanGuard™ go viral in a matter of hours of launching, is its ability to speed up your computer & internet performance. Whilst it scans your computer for viruses and threats it uses a high-performance algorithm which identifies ways to boost the performance of your computer.

How Do I Get My Free Protection?

If you own a Windows computer and it’s connected to the internet then are eligible for a free version of Scanguard™.

Step 1: Get your free copy of the software which is available. Click here to download ScanGuard™


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