Your smile can reveal a lot about your personality. While unnaturally white and sparkling teeth may be a little unnerving, a healthy white smile gives off an affable impression and inviting signal.

So how to go about whitening your teeth instantly without resorting to expensive dental bleaching sessions that may be harmful in the long run? Read on to find out.

Regular consumption of dark liquids like red wine, beer, black tea, coffee and colas is the most obvious culprit responsible for yellowing and staining of the teeth. If it’s dark in color, it’s bound to stain those pearly whites of yours. Smoking is another major cause of stained teeth.

Baking soda, a mild abrasive agent, is an effective teeth-whitening remedy if used responsibly. It works best for surface stains and plaque removal and also prevents discoloration.

baking soda remedies for instant teeth whitening

Its periodic use also supports good oral hygiene, as it can neutralize bacterial acids in the mouth that often lead to tooth decay and gum problems.

Irresponsible use of teeth-whitening practices almost always leads to dental problems, with enamel erosion being the most prominent. But when baking soda remedies are used at regular, spaced out intervals in tandem with regular oral care, it can produce admirable results.

Forgoing your regular toothpaste in favor of any of the given remedies is not advisable as baking soda doesn’t contain fluoride, which is the main constituent of most dental pastes. Fluoride is instrumental in maintaining the health and strength of your teeth as well as preventing cavities.

Now that you know the risks involved and the precautions that you need to heed, take a look at five effective and inexpensive baking soda remedies to whiten your teeth and get ready to flaunt that beatific smile!



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