King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II, who was installed on August 2, 2015 as the new Ga Mantse, to succeed the late substantive Ga Mantse, King Boni Amugi, has extended a hand of friendship to all kingmakers, traditional members, opinion leaders and chiefs within the Ga State.

He also called on them to bury their differences and join hands with one another as the Ga State celebrates Homowo this year.

According to him, the best way to move the Ga State forward was to celebrate the festival in “unity, harmony and peace.”

He noted that unity, harmony and peace will help Ga indigenes to achieve the dream of restoring the glory of the Ga State.

Addressing a section of journalists in Accra yesterday, King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II, who is awaiting his final coronation as the Paramount Chief of Ga State, stressed that the leadership of the Ga State has been in frantic talks with all aggrieved members of the State to iron out their differences.

He was optimistic that the factionalisms that seem engulf the Ga State would soon be a thing of the past.

“The purpose of this year’s festival is to bring all members on board.  We are in a democratic era and living in a country that believes in the rule of law, which everybody must adhere to.  The leadership of the Ga State is doing everything possible to resolve frictions and the seemingly misunderstandings.  We appeal to all members to come on board.”

“…we have continuously extended a hand of friendship to all members.  For us to survive as a State, we need to see ourselves as brothers and sisters,” he said in an answer to what the Ga State was doing to reconcile all nagging issues affecting the Ga State.

He urged all and sundry to do away with negative tendencies that sought to retard progress, in the larger interest of the Ga State.

“I call on the citizens of Ga State to love one another and desist from acts that will bring confusion and violence before, during and after this year’s annual Homowo festivities,” he further stressed.


Source: Todaygh


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