Mosquitoes, flies and mites represent the main transmitters of widespread diseases such as malaria, dengue, chagas and many others.

Worldwide, the World Health Organization estimates that more than 3 billion people have been affected with diseases transmitted by these insects.

Various insecticides used to control the existence of these insects have very short-term effects but Inesfly Africa has introduced some special products which they say has longer term effects on the insects.

According to Chief Commercial Officer of Inesfly Africa, David Afugani, “Inesfly found a way of prolonging the efficacy of insecticides”.

He explains that their products are manufactured from a special formulated technology based on “microencapsulation”. The microencapsulation compresses the active ingredients in the insecticide so they are all not released at the same time.

“The capsules keep breaking at different points in time, small quantities of the insecticides are released and that good enough to exterminate the insects but very safe for humans,” he said.

The Inesfly technology comes in various carriers which include, paint, bed bug solution, floor cleaner, body repellent, SP Coating and EM House.

The Inesfly interior and exterior paints are water-based paints that can be used on indoor and outdoor surfaces where there is a high level of insect infestation. From home-use to professional-use, Inesfly paints helps you to achieve the ultimate long-term protection against insects.

The latest addition to the Inesfly family, the bed bug solution, according to Mr Afugani, has been used to treat bed-bug outbreaks in several schools and hospitals across the country.

He said, “The only difference between the bed bug solution and most of our solutions is that it is fortified because the beg bug is a very insect to treat. They multiply at a very fast rate because one bed bug can lay up to about a hundred eggs, so the essence is to ensure that we are able to treat.”

Mr Afugani said Inesfly refuses to refer to its EM House solution as fumigation because over the years, fumigation has proven not to work.



Source: Ghanaweb


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