One person was killed and two more injured on Tuesday night in a fresh fire exchange between residents of Tatale Sanguli in the Northern Region and suspected armed robbers, locals who engaged in the gun duel told Starr News.

The incident happened at 8pm when two men armed with guns and cutlasses mounted roadblocks at an outskirt of a village called Benlador few meters from the district capital and was demanding money and seizing motorbikes.

A resident managed to escape the attack and spread the news to other people.

According to sources, some men who did not believe the information armed themselves and stormed the scene with the intent to engage the suspected robbers.

The two men were then accosted on their way to the scene with their motorcycle and hacked by the suspects. The men return fire but the robbers fled into a bush.

The injured raised alarm and more villagers thronged to the scene with weapons and pursued the attackers.

One was found dead during the search near a stream around a village called Mongoci.

The two injured villagers identified as Nfobil and Ndombe are currently being treated at the Tatale Health centre.

At least seven people died when in June suspected robbers attacked several villages in the district. The heist was so massive that security forces in neighboring Togo allegedly attempted to enter the country after the counterparts appeared helpless.

Tatale Sanguli is a district capital in the Northern region 3km from the border with Togo. It is an infant district and like many districts in the region, underdeveloped with fewer basic amenities.

There are only nine police personnel operating in the district.


Source: Ghanaweb


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