The major challenge facing Ghana’s hospitality industry is the unwillingness by industry players to embrace changes and new technological trends, Ankrah Asante, Chief Executive Officer, of SoulTravels has stated

According to Solomon Ankrah, Ghana’s hospitality and tourism industries are lagging behind because hotel and tourist sites managers are not ready to welcome new ways of running their businesses.

He asserted that tourism has huge potential but the reluctance by players to adopt new ways of courting customers is impeding the development of the sector

“The major problem with our hospitality industry is that most of the managers are stuck in the old ways of doing things. They are not ready to embrace changes and that has become a stumbling block. When you approach them with new things, they resist them because they are used to a particular way of doing things but if we want our tourism to develop, we must approach it with the modern way of doing things”, he said in a media interaction held over the weekend.

He, however, outlined a new software introduced by his outfit to curb the problem. He asserted that SoulTravels have realised the potential that the tourism industry wields and will ensure that Ghana and Africa tourism is promoted to its maximum level.

“SoulTravels have discovered an amazing software that we believe is going to help the Ghanaian economy and also propel the hospitality industry to the global level. Our software has features that make it possible for travelers to book hotels in every part of the country and also allows for mobile money transactions.

Unlike the international ones that come around, our software was developed with a special focus on the local market. We have a strong security network and our system is very much integrated to suit the local way of doing business.

“We also have free training programs which are very important because, in our part of the world, knowledge about technology is a bit limited so we have taken the trouble to organize free online training courses for our patrons”, he said.

About SoulTravels

SoulTravels is a travel and tour agency that was established three years go with a major focus on the development of Ghana hospitality market.

SoulTravels intend to be the focal points of people around the globe who want to come to Africa.

The aim of the company is to become the ‘google of travelling and tourism in Africa.





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