A lecturer at the Institute of African Studies of the University of Ghana, Dr. Obadele Kambon has referred to the bible as a false book wholly based on plagiarized texts, lies and deceit.

According to him, biblical concepts, doctrines and text were copied from ‘theEgyptian pyramid text’, ‘the coffin texts’, ‘Egyptian book of coming forth by day’and the ‘instruction of Amenemope’ which form some the world’s oldest spiritual texts. “They form the sources of Christian concepts like death and resurrection of the holy savior, Immaculate Conception, the idea of judgment after death, adding that, the Ten Commandments was derived from Ma’at,an African ethical and moral system which was made up 42 spiritual laws. He said this on Xlive Africa online radio’s ‘Good morning Africa’ on Monday.

In defending his claim, he said “We can still go and read it carved in stones, Over 5,000 years ago, there’s a depiction of the Immaculate Conception in the temple of Seti I, also Imhotep overseeing the birth of the “savior” in temples in Kemmet (Egypt).The adulteration of the real story was during the Hyksos (people of mixed race from Europe and Asia) invasion of Egypt in 1700 BC.

Dr. Kambon cited direct imitations of ancient texts in the bible with examples from Amenomope chapter 6 “Remove not the landmark from the bounds of the field….and violate not the widows’ boundary” was copied in proverbs 23 vs: 10 as “Remove not the widows landmark and enter not into the field of the fatherless”

Also, Amenomope chapter 1” Give thine ears, hear the words that are said, give thine heart to interpret them” copied in proverbs 23: 12 as “Apply thine heart unto instruction and thine ears to the words of knowledge”. As well as, “Psalm 104 taken wholesale in 1000bce from what Akhenaten’s hymn written in 1353 BCE”.

Furthermore, he said “Take the story of the parting of the sea for instance and that you can find in the story of the Golden lotus which dates back to Seneferu who was the father of Khufu who built the great pyramid in the 4th dynasty”

The Lecturer added that translations were made from Egyptian text to Hebrew and words like Yah, an Egyptian deity of the moon formed the root word of the Hebrew God ’Yaweh’.

He finally encourages Africans to move away from believing “fairy tales and beliefs to deal with historical documentations only, “Our evidence are carved in stone unlike the Christians who are unable to back their stories” and to learn more because “all the problems that we talk of in our society is the calculated and end result of an intentional process of not letting you know anything as an African”.




Source : Story by Elikem Yao Kutsienyo/Xlive Africa



  1. All the Abrahamic religions interpret the same stories though, and most were first written in the Torah.

    Claiming the Bible copied the Egyptian Book of the Dead is really saying the Torah copied the Book of the Dead, which is just once again marginalizing the Jews who were then enslaved by the Egyptians.

    • If I should take a clue from what you are saying, it means that the man might be right. If the Jews were once colonised or enslaved by the Egyptians, then the Jews might have copied portions of Egyptian religion, culture and worship. Mind you, the Egyptians had ways and means of documenting and recording way before most other tribes.

    • The “Jews” were enslaved by the “Egyptians”? Really? Did the “Egyptians” write about that “enslavement” like the “USA” wrote about an enslavement and a genocide that it committed? You might want to consider using the correct terms and times.

    • Seriously Beano you need to read more. Even the Jews accept that the story of Moses and Exodus is complete nonsense. It never happened. The Jews were trying to establish themselves as a people so in essence concocted a religion which now, thanks to the Romans we have yet another religion based on plagiarism, Christianity. BTW the Hebrews also copied a lot off the ancient Babylonians eg. Noah and the great flood. That one was copied down to the number of animals.

  2. This makes sense because the writer of the first five books of the Bible had the education of an Egyptian. And he wasn’t a commoner but royalty: a prince of Egypt or more aprropriately, an ex-prince. And I do not think the entire bible has the format and quotings of Egyptian writings. I am sure he meant some portions of the old testament and not the entire bible.

  3. if someone indeed were to copy the whole religious text, then they had a lot of time, were incredibly imaginative, and had the best marketing tool to convince thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, and now Billions of a deity…who he claims is…plagiarized, in which case, he doesn’t exist. But what if, it were possible, for the initial deity to want to be revealed to people other than Egyptians or Africans? And to “reincarnate” (i use this word reservedly) themselves in another being, to be born in Bethlehem,so that others may know that deity through a story…as is encapsulated in the Bible.
    I’m just saying, what if such were the case? Why would the second deity purposely choose to be very different, in personality and form, from the one inscribed on the walls of the pyramids in Egypt? Or is it likely than not, that they would be similar, possibly identical…since in the end, they are the more or less the same God.
    It;s also possible that if your ancestors spent years in Egypt as slaves, before returning to Palestine, hundreds of years later,they would have copied some of the religious texts found in that land, and carried such texts with them on the way back to Palestine, in the end using such copied texts in their own religious worship…in their own texts…
    In the end, in a world where evidence can be manipulated, and primary evidence is in short supply, it’s difficult to prove or disprove most things. Why don’t we just get along with each other, and graciously wait for the afterlife?

    • Actually you wrong. It can be proved beyond doubt to be a complete lie. As for get along. The only people I see constantly making war in the world are the Abrahamic religions. Funny that…
      To understand the Hebrew you need to research how the Russians chose their religion. They literally went shopping. You shouldn’t see religion in the context of today but rather a very effective means of controlling people hundreds of years ago, long before cars and railways and phones. So yes, the Hebrews being fairly intelligent people would have seen the power of religion and made a huge effort to have one. Don’t find it curious that they are the chosen in the Bible. Tough shit if you happen to be a North American Indian living in total harmony with nature.
      PS the ancient Jews were Semites (arabs of a particluar language group). Israelis are Eastern European and have no ties or claim to Palestine whatsoever.

  4. IruAfrica IruAfrica on

    I am happy that Africans are waking up to the european mind-control through religion. Though a lot of work is still to be done. This is why Africans have seized to develop materially and spiritually because they, Africans think they are europeans in black skin while the other half think they are arabs!

    • Hey Buddy, Europeans are probably the biggest victims of this Bullshit. How many people died fighting ridiculous wars and crusades for these A Holes. It all boils down the the elite screwing everyone over and you better do what we say or you going to hell.

  5. Akonnor Brempong on

    I think this is no news as far as religion is concern. There are many similarities in all the regions in this world and very few differences. Can he tell us plagiarized portions in percentage so we can make our judgements.

  6. Man is strangely mixed with truth and falsehood. In all the world there are but two things. The one is truth and the other is falsehood and falsehood that which seems to be. The European has plagarized everything.For the ancient Moabite, Canaanite and Hamites are the original peoples of the planet. Time never was when man was not. So in my opinion they would know the truth. being the fathers and mothers of the Hue-man family.

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