Bankroller of King Faisal Babies Alhaji Karim Grunsah has launched a scathing potshot on Division One League Board Chairman, Owoahene Acheampong, calling him a ‘taxi driver’.

Acheampong has been under the spotlight for the past few days after he hinted that clubs that will be competing in the upcoming second-tier league will have to fork out a whopping GHC 30,000 as officiating fee.

He explained that the GN Bank sponsorship for the Division League One expired at the end of the 2016/17 season, and have requested for renewal, and till the contract is renewed, the clubs have to pay for officiating.

Following his declaration, the experienced football administrator has been attacked from all sections of clubs in the division, with many rejecting the decision.

“It’s very baffling how people crave for their names to be mentioned on the radio. If you want popularity and your name aired on radio, it should be about something good and not something of this nature. That’s the advise I’ll give some people,” Grunsah said on Happy FM.

“Had it not been Ghana football, who would have heard of Acheampong. I know him very well from his days when he was a taxi driver during the General Acheampong’s regime. If it was not for Ghana football, has he seen or held a GHC30,000 before, he should be truthful to his God.”

“We all know where we’re coming so if he wants his popularity, he shouldn’t abuse his position to get it but rather let the public sing his praises. We are not like him in anyway so if he’s made his money from his CAF position, we have not.”

“I challenge him to come out and tell me if he’s dashed out a sum of GHC 2,000 to a team before in Ghana. He came to football as a friend to then AshantiGold boss Sam Jonah and he was appointed as their Accra rep, but when he was sacked from the position, we the football people took him in because we’re like a family.”

“He should tell us his contribution to football. I believe if he thinks well of Ghana football he would not have come out with such nonsense. A taxi driver now with wings dictating for us.”




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