Former Deputy Youth and Sports Minister, Joseph Yamin has slammed Senior Minister Yaw Osafo Marfo for labelling the previous NDC government as corrupt and has insisted he speaks like a serial caller.

Osafo Marfo who helped Ghana to qualify for it ever world cup appearance in Germany made this known during the launch of anti-corruption and transparency week and insisted that corruption is the main reason behind the poor state of the local league.

“Corruption in football got so deep after 2010 in this country and Ghanaian’s are no more interested in the Local league; are there any politicians there,” Osafo Marfo said.

However, Joseph Yamin was unhappy about the assertion made by the senior minister.

Speaking to Kumasi based Adehye FM, he said, “Bribery did not start in 2010, so corruption has been part of world football since infancy.

“If we want to fight corruption let’s fight it and stop given timelines to paint the picture that football corruption started under NDC.

“What did Osafo Marfo did to fight corruption in Ghana football when he was a ministry? He is talking like a serial caller.

“The NPP in government painted as black to Ghanaian’s for not implementing the Brazil commission report but have they been able to work with the document since assuming office,” he added.

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Hon. Joseph Yamin believes that fighting football corruption is a holistic issue and it shouldn’t be politicized in any manner.




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