An experienced legislator and Former Majority Leader, Mr. Cletus Avorka says one does not necessarily need a tertiary education certificate before he/she can become a Member of Parliament (MP).

According to him, a parliamentarian needs to be well informed, have respect for and be cooperative with people from various government departments he or she works with, adding that failure to do these will undermine their efficiency.

He however appreciated that, because of advancement of technology, a member of parliament needs to be more proficient before he or she can imbibe the modern knowledge in the world now.

In his view, proficiency in the English language is very essential adding that, passing the language at the SHS level is enough.

The former MP for Zibila said this in an interview with GCB’s behind the News on Tuesday while responding to a recent research conduct by the Institutes of Economic Affairs (IEA).

The report has it that, most constituents claim their MPs should have a higher level of education to be able to work efficiently in the legislature. But Mr. Cletus Avorka thinks otherwise.

“There is some justification in that demand, but I won’t say you need a tertiary educational certificate”. He opined

Though Mr. Avorka claims a degree is not necessary, he thinks having a better CV increase ones credibility especially on an international mission in the name of his country as investors look at people they deal with when making negotiations.

“If they look at your CV and discover you have a low level of education, the value of respect they give to you will be very much little as compared to someone with higher level”.

On the contrary, the former MP also hinted that, “Ghanaian Parliamentarians have always been nicely received by the outside world because of the level of education and the respect they have for them when it comes to educational matters and proficiency”.




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