It is no secret that sometimes medical doctors advise their patients to completely stop or minimize the intake of some foods due to health reasons.

But how easy is it for the affected patients to follow that medical advice?

Adom News has been finding out from some Ghanaians which food is or would be difficult for them to quit eating even if the doctor advised so.

Most people who spoke to us said one food they enjoyed best was fufu and groundnut soup with goat meat and as such, there was no way they were going to stop eating same even if an admonition came from a medical practitioner.

For such people, even if eating the food would take them to their early graves, then so be it.

A Clinical Nutritionist at Prince Emmanuel Clinic, Dr. Ben Nuako, however cautions that going against medical advice to consume proscribed foods could have long-term consequences.

According to him, the main reason doctors advise patients to quit certain foods could be due to allergy or it may aggravate an already existing medical condition which could have grave consequences on such people.

According to him, patients who fail to heed medical advice to quit certain foods could be speeding up their own journeys to the grave.


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