The headmaster of the Gyaama Pensan Technical Senior High Technical School at Aboaso left the campus quickly on Sunday night after the students threatened his life.

The students accused the headmaster (name unknown) of banning entertainment and sporting events in the school.

Reports indicate that but for the timely arrival of policemen in the school, the students would have spilled blood.

The agitated students launched the unprovoked attack and vandalized some properties on campus around 8pm.

The windscreen of the school’s vehicle, louvers at the headmaster’s bungalow, pipe and polytank were destroyed by the students.

Sources said the headmaster, who sensed danger, quickly called policemen who responded positively to the distress call.

The policemen escorted the frightened headmaster to Faade, near Aboaso, where he passed the night at a teacher’s house.

Eyewitnesses said the heavy presence of policemen sent shivers down the spines of the agitated students, who quickly stopped the riotous behaviour.


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