Ebony Reigns born Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng died on the eve hours of Thursday, February 8, 2018, in a gory accident somewhere along the Sunyani-Kumasi road upon her return from her mother as she was traveling to Accra to prepare for her event trip in Abroad.

The Jeep which crashed with the VIP bus and caused Ebony’s fate also succeeded in killing two of her colleagues who was on the bus leaving one person who happens to be her personal driver.

Meet Ebony’s Look-Alike That Ghanaians Think Is Ebony Reigns (Video)
Ebony’s Lookalike

This agonizing incident happened on the elbows of Ghanaians and it came as a shocking news. Many people including high profile personalities after the death pronouncement have sent their grief and condolence messages to the bereaved family.

While Family, friends, fans, followers and the entire nation is currently mourning Ebony’s death, a video spotted by Ghpage.com on Youtube which featured a lady singing the late Ebony’s track is her look-alike.

Franky speaking, the lady spotted in the video looks exactly like Ebony and we considered of bringing this interesting news to your notice.

Meet Ebony’s Look-Alike That Ghanaians Think Is Ebony Reigns (Video)

Though we are all in the midst of mourning after Ebony’s death, we simply can’t overlook this one too.

Well, the beautiful lady really resembles Ebony Reigns and you might mistakenly be taken her to be her twin sister.

Watch the video below……..


Source : Ghpage.com


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