Manager of late Dancehall Songstress Ebony has refuted claims by Prophet Nigel Gaissie that he made prophecies about Ebony and Kaakyire Kwame Appiah and that Ebony, compared to Kaakyire who came to see him, died because she (and her management) didn’t take it serious

He said he made the prediction on live radio on November 24, 2017 but Ebony failed to come and see him for prayers.

“I was led to give this prophecy on LIVE RADIO thus Ebony and Kaakyrie Kwame Appiah will die before the end of February 2018….Kwame Appiah came to see me and we prayed against it! sad EBONY IS GONE JUST AS I SAID IT ON 24 November [sic]2017!!!!Take PROPHECY SERIOUS…..”Restoration VIGILE’09/02/2018!…..’Warning gory images’”, he wrote on his Facebook page after her death.

But manager for Ebony said no such prophecy was ever made or drawn to his attention for him to even think of ignoring it. He indicated that he had met Prophet Nigel Gaissie at the Mall in the company of Blakk Rasta, and that Mr Gaissie had only enquired how Ebony was doing and then advised that he (Bullet) took Ebony to Prophet Badu Kobi who loves Ebony’s songs and spoke good about her so she could also get a car from the philanthropic Prophet Badu Kobi.

He indicated that he couldn’t tell whether as at then the “so-called Prophecy has been given”, but wondered why Prophet Nigel Gaissie, if it were true he had any such prophecy later on couldn’t reach him (Bullet) through Blakk Rasta.




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