President Akufo Addo’s nominee for the Office of the Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu, in his closing remarks at the Vetting Committee extended a hand of reconciliation to Member of Parliament for North Tongu Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa after they both had a back-and-forth spat over an article Mr Martin Amidu accused the young NDC MP of authoring even after the original author, one Andrew Krow, had owned up.

Mr Amidu, who refused to apologize to Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa over the article as he maintained he was right about its authorship, eventually, during his final remarks took the opportunity to appeal to the young NDC MP that “sometimes exchanges through articles written can complicate things. You and I have never had the benefit of a face-to-face conversation on the issue which I think didn’t help. I want you to know I have nothing against you”, Mr Amidu said, only short of using the words ‘sorry’ or ‘apology’.

The article

Readers will recall reported in September last year how Mr Martin Amidu descended heavily on Member of Parliament for North Tongu, Okudzeto Ablakwa, tagging him as “uncouth” and “uncultured”
in an epistle chastising Mr. Ablakwa whom he said attacked him in an article after he [Martin Amidu] criticized former President John Mahama, who was an international observer during the Kenyan election which was subsequently annulled by that country’s Supreme Court.

“I was astounded to read a feature article by dishonourable Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa entitled ‘Martin Amidu’s ‘Hate Agenda’ …on 5th September 2017 in which he opens with his conduct of restraining himself from commenting on my deliberate attacks on the former President and the NDC because of his respect for elders in the NDC and the party in general”, Mr Amidu wrote.

“Okudzeto Ablakwa is the person whom while claiming to be entitled to the title Honourable Deputy Minister at age 28 years without having done any public service in his life has made himself notorious for insulting everybody old enough to be his father and other elders including former President Rawlings and former President Kuffuor. But Okudzeto Ablakwa chose to give the impression in his feature article devoted to insulting me with reckless abandon that he respects elders, at least in the NDC, and excuses his attacks on me for exercising my right to free speech in congratulating the Kenyan Supreme Court for the Court’s decision annulling the 8th August 2017 elections on the flimsy ground that I had attacked ‘the former President’ whom I believe is supposedly dumb figuratively and therefore unable to speak for himself,” he added in the article.


Okudzeto Responded

But in his response, Mr Ablakwa said: “I state for the record and in true conscience before God and man that I have authored no article on Hon. Martin A.B.K. Amidu.”

“I have taken the effort to Google search the said article which I am accused of writing and found the article: ‘Martin Amidu’s ‘Hate Agenda’…’ rather published in the name of Ohenenana Obonti Krow on dated September 4, 2017,” Mr Ablakwa said

Original author and Amidu’s insistence

Andrews Amadi Krow, an NDC activist writer who claims to have originally written the article with evidence emerged and gave a chronology of events that necessitated his article, adding that he was not contracted or paid by Mr. Ablakwa to write the piece on Martin Amidu, but his work was as a result of his personal observations about the former Attorney General.

Martin Amidu’s pseudonym counter

Martin Amidu in a follow-up statement, said he was certain the article was written by Mr. Ablakwa under the pseudonym “Ohenenana Obonti Krow” despite all evidence to the contrary. closely monitored the vetting as Mr Martin Amidu took the stand and answered questions on all the issues his epistles generated, and can report his reconciliatory language.


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