reported on 10th February about allegations that Kumawood actress and screen goddess, Emelia Brobbey has snatched the husband of a young girl in the United Kingdom (UK). The accusation was made by a popular Instagram user, @thosecalledcelebs on 9th March 2018.

According to the user, the young lady complained to her to help fight off Emelia Brobbey because she was breaking her home.

Another thing has picked up from all this brouhaha going on is that Emelia Brobbey nearly snatched the husband of former Ghana Most Beautiful Queen, Akua from the Ashanti Region.

This information was revealed by an Instagram user with the handle @obra_y3 when the popular Instagram User @Thosecalledcelebs revealed the husband snatching issue in the UK surrounding the Kumawood actress.

A few years ago, Emelia Brobbey was accused of snatching her second husband Dr Kofi Adu Boateng, the founder of End Point Homeopathy Clinic from the Doctor’s wife, Maame Aba.

According to the report at the time, Emelia Brobbey had taken her sick mother to the clinic for treatment. She ended up getting pregnant for the Doctor whiles she was still married to her first husband.

The first husband divorced her and Emelia became the second wife to Dr Kofi Adu Boateng. After she gave birth, Dr Boateng left her and got married to another lady, Naa Kokor whom he now has a son with. And that ended her second marriage.

Emelia who did not sound happy about the story claim she knows nothing about the accusations thrown at her so she is very sure it is a plot to tarnish her image. The actress cum movie producer dared any lady who has facts to come out and prove that she, Emelia Brobbey has come for her husband.


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