A political and security analyst and lecturer at the University of Cape Coast, Mr. Kingsly Adjei is cautioning authorities on how human factor can affect the operations of the 8,700 CCTV cameras which government intends to install in the country.

According to him, though the security cameras are good and healthy for the nation’s safety, more should be done on people who are going to handle them.

“What we need to think critically about these cameras is the matter of human factor. Human beings are those going to regulate, therefore garbage in garbage out”. He said adding that, the police service should be well trained on the use of the equipment.

In his view, human beings or specialists who are sometimes deployed to operate the mechanism manipulate it to aid criminals. Due to that fact, the human factor is very important when taking the installations into account.

“If the government is going to use the police administration to operate the mechanism, it should think of the motivation aspect of the job as well”. He cautioned.

President Akufo-Addo, has said his administration plans to strengthen the Police, with a focus on proactive and preventive policing rather than reactive, fashioning it into an honest, disciplined, efficient and robust force.

“This year, we are undertaking the rehabilitation of police stations across the country to standardize the infrastructure”, the President said. He continued, “In addition to recruiting some 4,000 more police officers this year, negotiations have just been completed for the rollout of Phase II of the Alpha Project, which involves the deployment of a total of 8,700 CCTV cameras across all the districts, with three command centres in Accra, Kumasi, and Tamale.”

Mr. Adjei, however, commended the president’s effort to fight crime in the country but urged the government to plant these cameras at strategic points rather than installing them at places which may not be useful to the country.

Throwing more light on how best the new camera installation could be, Mr. Adjei disclosed that, the government must take it serious in lighting up streets in the country to reduce activities of criminals who operate in the dark.


Source: mynewsgh.com


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