What seems to be a dead issue after Moesha rendered a humble apology has been rekindled after the Minister FOR Gender, Children and Social protection, Madam Otiko Afisa  Djaba released a statement condemning and subtly casting innuendos against Moesha for her statements she made on CNN.

Ghanaian celebrity, Moesha Boudong in an interview with CNN’s chief International correspondent Christiane Amanpour, remarked that, the economy of Ghana is hard hence, Ghanaian women solely depending on men for survival.

This resulted in her receiving a lot backlash from social media users mostly with the later coming out to render an apology.

The apology which seems not to be enough was met with a statement from the gender minister, describing her [Moesha] as being obsessed with destructive notoriety and infamy and needs to be cautious in her activities as she has soiled the image of Ghana.

Commenting on the issue on ‘Bresosem’, a political flagship program of Kumasi based Pure FM with Dr. Dr. Otchere Addai Mensah (Dean, Allied Health Sciences KNUST), the broadcast journalist and the Programs Manager of the Class Media group (Adehye3 FM and Kumasi FM) indicated that, Moesha has said nothing extraordinary that is not known in the country already and it’s only a hypocritical reaction from the Gender Minister on her statement.

He noted that the Gender minister herself has not set a good example to be worth condemning someone especially in matters of morality.

‘Doc, the Minister why? Isn’t she the person who went into vetting and there were issues about her relationship with her mother and all that. Don’t you know in this country if you don’t respect the elderly, you are not fit to lead?…This is the same minister who had a haircut which people felt as a gender minister it was inappropriate?…Isn’t she the one that people have raised questions about her style of dressing with a recent one being exposing her cleavage?

Doc, I’m just saying that if we want to set examples in this country looking at moral uprightness, then she shouldn’t even have been our minister because by her haircut and other known exhibitions, there are people in this country who thinks it doesn’t send a good message out. But she insisted that is her way to go.’

The Kumasi based journalist noted further that, there are many serious gender concerns that should catch Hon. Otiko Djaba’s attention and keep her busy and not what he described as a hypocritical needless statement that bothers on matters of morality insisting she lacks the integrity to condemn Moesha.


Source: MyNewsGH.com


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