On May 1 this year, President Akufo-Addo launched the Nation Builders Corps as a major government policy to tackle graduate unemployment which had reached terrifying levels in Ghana.

According to information from officials managing the scheme, about 90,643 graduates have so far applied for recruitment into all the modules under the program.

At the launch of the program, the President was optimistic that the program would provide a major relief to unemployed graduates in Ghana. He said “NABCO will enhance the dignity and self-esteem of our graduates, and will also present them with the added benefit of efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of some essential public services.”

Prior to the introduction of the scheme, many analysts had warned successive Governments to tackle the rising graduate unemployment issue with a sense of urgency since it was becoming a national security concern.

The number of applicants in ten shows that the program would achieve concrete results of providing employment opportunities while at the same time, enhancing the dignity of graduates.

The Nation Builders’ Corps is run under seven different modules. The President at the launch outlined the modules as “Educate Ghana; Heal Ghana; Feed Ghana; Revenue Ghana; Digitise Ghana; Enterprise Ghana and Civic Ghana.”

Officials of the program have said that all the modules are receiving the huge number of applications from interested Ghanaians.




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