Ghanaian Media are the enemies of the state that’s according to member of the New Patriotic Party, Kwame A Plus.

The media in Ghana in his view is not development oriented and will always report false information instead of pushing an agenda for the development of the country.

He indicated the media in Ghana has been lying to the people forever and that if he had power, he would have squeezed Press Freedom because the media is part of the country’s problems.

A Plus asked Ghanaians not to follow reports churned out by Ghanaian media houses.

The musician said should he be given power as the President of Ghana, he would have closed down Churches and media houses because they have been a problem than a blessing to the country.

Don’t follow these media people because of the media…If me you make me President today, this Press Freedom and things,  I will squeeze them, Press Freedom so that when Kennedy Agyapong says something you will go and misinform the people, so that when I finish this video instead going to publish that look not knowing that it is our money that we are asking government to fix streetlight for us, they will go and change the headlines and you want me to give you freedom? When you are enemies of the state, you have been lying to the people forever. If I’m made President today there are two things I will do. I will close churches and some media house”.




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