Egg consumers in the country may have to tread cautiously as following warnings by the Veterinary Surgeons most of them are at risk of becoming antibiotic resistant.

According to the of Association of Junior Veterinary Surgeons (AJVS) farmers producing eggs do not strictly adhere to the processes required of them before selling the eggs to the public which exposes them to danger.

They argue that there is no regulatory body that strictly checks farmers wait on withdrawal period before selling eggs laid by the birds to the public”
President, of the association Dr. Akwasi Adjei Sarfo who made this shocking revelation in interview on Kumasi based radio Oyerepa FM monitored by disclosed that the Public Health Department responsible for the making sure farmers do not sell contaminated eggs to consumers only relax in Accra hence there is no protection of the public in other regions with respect to consuming unwholesome eggs.

“As I speak now, there is no law that restricts the farmer from selling contaminated eggs to the public. On the other hand there is no law protecting farmers when it comes to compensating them in case they destroy their contaminated produce”. Dr. Sarfo stressed.

“Since there is no law of that nature, Ghanaians will continue to consume contaminated eggs”, he affirmed

When asked if that meant most eggs on the market are contaminated, Dr. Adjei Sarfo acknowledged that most eggs on the markets are contaminated.

The association revealed that farmers are not reporting cases to the doctors early therefore hindering their work.
Dr. Akwasi Adjei Sarfo further revealed there is no active surveillance on various farms in the country; hence it has become very difficult for them to control certain diseases which affect birds.

“This has also increased the risk on the part of the consumers as they are not protected, he adds.

He assured that there are certain cases which could have been under control before any harm may be caused if there is active surveillance.

“If regular routine checks are done, we can actively sample to know where and when disease may arise. However, because there is no such exercise, it has been difficult to control diseases that attack livestock in the country”. He told Nana Kwadwo Jantuah the host during the interview.

There are few veterinary doctors in the country so far to check on farmers even if regular checks are supposed to be held at length and breadth of the country.
So far there are three batches of veterinary doctors unemployed in the wake of spread of bird flu in the country.

Dr. Akwasi Adjei as well revealed that, the porous state of the country’s boarders and ports have contributed to the spread of the bird flu since officers do not do proper checks on importation of farm products into the county.
“Since the country has not been able to check importation of eggs, chicken and other products, it is likely the bird flu and other diseases may get into the country so easily”, He chided

The effect of people consuming contaminated eggs is that, affected persons will become resistant to antibiotics meaning they may not recover from diseases when they are affected.




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