An armed police officer has been captured on video ruthlessly assaulting a woman in a bank despite the mother holding a little child in her arm.

The circumstances surrounding the assault are not immediately known but the muscled officer is seen ferociously hitting the helpless woman with an umbrella and then repeatedly punching and slapping her in the face as though he were in a boxing duel with a worthy opponent.

Despite the punches and slaps, the poor woman held on tightly to her child until a man in the bank wrenched the baby out of her grip so the child could be taken out of harm’s way.

The officer, who goes by the name Frederick Amanor Skalla did not give the slightest thought to the risk of his gun, slaps and blows hitting the little child in the melee but kept punching the woman with careless abandon.

A voice in the video kept saying he would pay, meaning the woman went to the bank to withdraw some amount of money but was refused by the police officer. will investigate and provide full details of the bank, the reason for the assault and the identities involved.


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