One of the guns retrieved from the alleged robbers

A police officer traveling with a group of market women from Dormaa Ahenkro  to Yeji Market as an escort had to open fire when a group of seven armed robbers attempted to stop the bus they were traveling in to rob them, has been informed.

The shootout happened today at midnight at about 12-1am on the highway stretch between Techiman and Sunyani, a police source confirmed to us.

The Policeman seeing the robbers with guns and attempting to block the road while shooting at them also opened fire on the robbers, killing three of the instantly while injuring the other four who managed to bolt with their injuries into the Bush nearby.

The policeman being the only male in the vehicle aside the driver managed didn’t pursue the fleeing four.

The Techiman POlice has since launched a manhunt for the fugitive robbers.

This shooting comes on the back of the shooting of seven Kumasi Zongo boys who are alleged to be armed robbers by the police, but family and friends maintained they are not.

They were said to have attempted to open fire on the police as they approached them. However, they were outsmarted and the well-armed police, who had mounted surveillance on the robbers, shot and killed them in the process.

Zongo youth have vowed to wage war against the Ghana Police Service if they refuse to give tangible reasons for the shooting of seven of their colleagues. Members of the community claim the killings were premeditated.

Many crime and security experts have questioned the police modus operandi of shoot-to-kill and the parading of bodies. The police have however defended, even justified their actions by citing the number of their men and women killed by armed robbers during operation.




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