Former president John Dramani Mahama has described the Zimbabwean elections as heavily patronized with enthusiastic crowds queuing to cast their ballot.

The Former President who led the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) observer mission to Zimbabwe told newsmen after the polls  that the various political parties had expressed satisfaction at the campaign stage and that there were no restrictions on where they could go and solicit votes and where they could not go as happened in previous elections .

According to him, even thought official number have not been announced yet, the voter turn is has been rather impressive compared to previous elections.

There are concerns the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is delaying is declaring the results of the elections with the two front-runners, incumbent president Emerson Mnangagwa of the ZANU PF Party and Nelson Chimasa of the MDC both declaring optimism of having won the polls.

Most of the 23 political parties are apprehensive as they accuse the electoral commission of delaying in calling the results.

They suspect the commission may compromise the elections in favour of the incumbent.


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