The Ghana Battalion in Lebanon, as part of its humanitarian assistance to civilians has organised free medical and dental care for some residents of Marwahin, a town in South Lebanon.

The outreach was to assist the local populace with some medical care. The exercise was also aimed at strengthening the relationship between the residents and the battalion.

In an interview, the Moukhtar of Marwahin, Mr Salen Ghannam mentioned that most of the residents had to travel all the way to Tyre and other neighboring towns just for medical care.

He indicated that the absence of medical facilities in the area was a persistent challenge over the years. He expressed gratitude for GHANBATT’s continuous medical support to the community.

Mr Ghannam stated that the kind gesture would go a long way to cement the existing relationship between the community and UNIFIL. He also appealed for more medical outreaches.

The Senior Medical Officer and leader of the medical outreach team, Major Kofi Nyarko Oppong was happy about the attendance. He said the team was able to treat close to forty Lebanese and some Syrian refuges with the oldest person being around 90 years of age and the youngest, a seven months old baby.

Maj Oppong indicated that the Medical Outreach team provided free consultation, dental care and medications for all the ailments that were presented. He added that most of the patients expressed satisfaction for the level of care provided by the team.

The Ghana Battalion with the nucleus being the 64th Infantry Regiment of the Ghana Army made up of 850 All Ranks was deployed in Lebanon in July 2018 for a one-year peacekeeping duty.

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