It is a traumatic moment for people leaving around Adenta Barrier after a private vehicle with the registration number GW 4945 -14 crashed a motorbike into pieces leaving the rider severely injured on Sunday, 23rd September 2018 around 3:00pm.

The accident happened at exactly where Dodowa road joined the Madina – Adenta highway.

According to an eyewitness who only gave his name as Nana Kwesi, the motor rider was moving from Madina to Aburi and upon reaching the scene, the driver of the private vehicle was also making a U-turn and the two collided.

Nana Kwesi told that after the collision, the motor rider was seen flying in the air before he landed and the motorbike damaged beyond repairs.

In the car were two occupant’s but upon surviving the accident, they all fled the scene leaving the car which was also damaged behind.

Madina – Adenta highway is being described by the residents these days as a death trap.

According to them, most traffic lights are not working and the footbridges at various stages of completion too were abandoned for over 4-years ago.

This they say results in at least three or more people losing their lives every week on the road and therefore calling on the authorities to fix the tragic lights and complete the footbridges to save their lives.


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