Chairman of the Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA) Kudjoe Fianoo has somewhat expounded on why referees accept bribes to influence games.

RAG suspended 74 referees after concluding investigations into referees caught in the Number12 documentary by Anas Aremeyaw Anas and Tiger PI.

This generated a lot of controversy with retired referee Silas Okine accusing executives of RAG of not having the moral right and constitutional backing to take the decision they took.

Many have also questioned whether Ghana still has competent and incorruptible referees to officiate matches after the ban of these referees.

During an interview on Happy FM, Fianoo stated that the lack of resources for local referees is a major reason why they accept bribes and he is optimistic there are still good referees in the country.

“We can still get good referees to still officiate our games. Our referees made bad decisions because they don’t have the materials to help them in their job like the Europeans do,” Fianoo told Happy FM.

Mr. Fianoo also encouraged people to support the referees and minimize the criticism of them.

“We should urge the public to support our referees in our games and stop the criticism given to them.”

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