Two lecturers of the Ankaful Nurses Training College have been transferred from the school after exposing the corrupt deals of the Acting Principal of the college.

The two, William Akpetey and Cyril Kumako, uncovered widespread corrupt deals of the acting principal of the college and blew his uncover.

The acting principal, Simon Dogedoung, after an investigation by the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) has been made to refund parts of the money allegedly stolen from the school.

In a letter dated August 31, but was handed over to the two on October 3, they were asked to report to new training Institutions.

For Mr Kumako, the letter signed on behalf of the Health Minister by Dr Kwesi Asabir, Head of Training Institutions, said he is expected to report to the College of Health and Well-being at Kintampo on October 15.

The two lecturers have challenged this because according to them, they have not asked to be transferred from the school neither have they committed any crime to warrant such a treatment.

They believe they are being unjustifiably punished by some unseen hands for being whistleblowers to save the school’s purse.

“Transfers are normally requested for by the lecturers or when such persons are engaged in some wrongdoing. In our case, we only exposed the rot in our school.

“Why is that the Principal who was engaged in the wrongdoing is still at post while we have to suffer the consequences. Is it wrong to fight corruption in this country,” Mr Akpetey quizzed.

They suspect a deliberate attempt to silence them and a continuation of the corrupt activities of the Acting Principal and are pleading for the intervention of the president and the Health to ensure that justice is served.

“The President asked us to be citizens and not spectators. We only acted in good faith by exposing the corrupt deal in our system.

“Transferring us is a bad signal. It means victory for the wrongdoer. We don’t think the Minister of Health knows about this. We want his intervention,” Mr Kumako said.

The embattled lecturers have accused the former legislator of the Komenda Edina Eguafo Abirim (KEEA) and now Head of Local Government Service, Dr Ato Arthur of teaming up with the acting Principal to cause their transfer.

Dr Ato is alleged to have stepped in to save the head of the acting principal because the acting principal claims he is an NPP sympathiser.

“Dr. Ato Arthur should be seen to be fighting corruption and not to support those engaged such,” they alleged.


On February 19, this year, the Acting Principal of the Ankaful Psychiatric Nurses’ Training College, Simon Dogedoung was accused by some staff of the College for misappropriating a little over ¢8,000

Mr Dorgedon allegedly paid himself ¢943.20 on February 14 as an allowance for marking the end of first-semester examination scripts of trainees. It emerged, however, that Mr Dorgedon did not take part in the marking of the examination scripts.

Also, Acting Principal allegedly, paid himself ¢7,074, being 25% of the total amount paid to the tutors for marking the scripts. This did not sit well with the staff who blew his cover.

The staff questioned the kind of work Mr Dorgedon did to warrant getting ¢8,017.00 he paid himself.

Accordingly, they petitioned the Central Regional Police Commander and the Bureau of National Investigations to look into the matter.

An investigation by the Economic and Organized Crime Office led to the retrieval of some sums of money from the Acting Principal.

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