Renowned Ghanaian journalist with the Multimedia Group, Isreal Laryea knelt down on live TV to shower praise and hail Sarkodie for releasing a diss song for the self-acclaimed Dancehall King, Shatta Wale.

During entertainment discussion on JoyNews with MzGee, the issue of the diss of the century from Sarkodie dubbed “My Advice” which is currently the most trending news in Ghana popped up.

Israel Laryea paused the discussion at a point, knelt down, raised both his hands and showered praises and hailed Sarkodie for what he described as a masterpiece.

MzGee who was shocked by Israel Laryea’s praises gave it to Sark for getting a “whole” Israel Laryea on his knees.


Sarkodie unleashed the dragon in him yesterday, 10th October to shut Shatta Wale up for consistently insulting and calling him needless names.

For the past one month, Shatta Wale has been hitting on King Sark for reasons best known to him. On several radio platforms, Shatta Wale described Sarkodie as a poor artist with nothing to his name only riding on past glories.

Throughout the month, Shatta Wale kept doing it despite calls from people asking him to stop. Sarkodie’s manager, Angel Town at a point described his rants as rubbish and desperate need for hype for his album. Sarkodie at long has to hit back to silence Shatta Wale for good.

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