One of John Mahama’s flagship projects while in office is now facing criticism from the former President himself.

The Upper West Regional Hospital in Wa was 95% complete when Mahama was in office and was intended to provide specified medical care to residents in the area.

But two years after construction began, the hospital is at a standstill “forcing the intended beneficiaries to travel long distances to seek specialised medical care,” an NDC press release reads.

At an address to NDC delegates in Tumu Tuesday, Mahama expressed disappointment towards the current administration for their failure to address the needs of the hospital.

“Somebody has built a hospital; 95% complete with equipment and everything,” he said. “Just put the equipment, then come and put a plaque there with your name written on it that you commissioned it, that one too you can’t do? What is difficult about doing that one?”

He further explained that during his tenure, he planned on building regional hospitals throughout the country. When NPP took power in 2016, he requested that officials make it a priority to follow through with his plans.

But if the Akufo-Addo-led government is unsuccessful in achieving that goal, he said, it would be “one of the first priorities of the next NDC government.”

During another portion of his three-day tour of the Upper West region, he addressed that the NPP has neglected on its promise to build dams under its proposed “One Village, One Dam initiative.

The work the NPP has done thus far looks more like “dugouts,” not dams, he quipped.

“Before the election, I asked them, are you talking of dugouts or irrigation dams but they refused to answer. Apparently, they were thinking of dugouts,” he said.

“So, it is nothing new, and the one village, one dam, really, there was nothing in it. It is one village, one dugout and even the dugouts where is it? The dugouts are not even there.”

But Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia announced earlier this year that a total of 570 dams would be constructed in three northern regions, adding that the Sissala eastern and western districts would get 10 dams a piece. It is unclear when those dams will be built.

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